Welcome to B&T Advisory

B&T Advisory is a boutique insolvency and business consulting firm with over 40 years experience specialising in Insolvency and consulting services. We have locations in Brisbane and Gold Coast and provide services to accountants, legal advisers, financial advisers and anyone that is in business. We are approachable, down to earth and we value our clients. The Firm is dedicated to creating solutions to every problem.


Brisbane Office
    07 3229 0000
    Level 4, 26 Wharf Street, Brisbane Q 4000

Gold Coast Office
    07 5635 4266
    Level 13, 50 Cavill Avenue Surfers Paradise QLD

Our Management Team

Peter Biazos

Peter is the Founding Director of B&T Advisory and has over 24 years experience in insolvency in the Brisbane CBD. He has held a number of senior positions and partnership roles as well as being an Official and Registered Liquidator for a number years. His expertise extends to all company sizes and a vast array of industries which he utilises to achieve an outcome to benefit all stakeholders.

Peter is also a Certified Practicing Accountant.

Peter has a keen interest in voluntary administrations that involve a continued trade of the businesses in order to achieve a better outcome for creditors. His notable appointments as a Liquidator include a public company named Allied Brands Ltd of which he was the Joint Administrator. The company was among other things the head franchisor of all Baskin Robbins stores in Australia. The Administrators successfully traded the company through its difficulties via the Voluntary Administration process and it was re-floated on the Australian Stock Exchange after some restructure by the Administrators. Peter has extensive experience in trading on all types of businesses and takes pride in determining in a timely manner whether a business can continue to trade for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Travis Pullen

Travis is a Registered Liquidator, with more than 20 years’ experience working with firms in Brisbane, Sydney and the British Virgin Islands. During this time, he has managed hundreds of appointments across a wide variety of industries and in locations from Far North Queensland to Southern Victoria and from Perth to Norfolk Island.

Travis’ expertise covers all types of formal insolvency appointments including Voluntary Administrations, Deed of Company Arrangement, Voluntary, Provisional and Court Liquidations, as well as consultancy and turnaround work. He takes the approach that there is almost always a practical, commercial, timely and cost effective solution to any problem, no matter how complex it may appear.

Travis is also a Chartered Accountant and proud member of the Association of Independent Insolvency Practitioners (AIIP).

Murray Daniel

Murray is a Senior Manager of B & T Advisory and has been working within insolvency firms in Brisbane and United Kingdom since 2001. During this time he has managed both corporate (unsecured and secured) and personal administrations. He has experience with various industries including hospitality, manufacturing, property and managed investment funds.

Murray has an adaptable personality and has worked closely with many stakeholders including banks, investors, credit & finance managers, lawyers, creditors and directors to add value and provide solutions.

Murray is a Chartered Accountant and has completed studies with the Australian Restructuring Insolvency & Turnaround Association and is a member of the association.

Nick Keramos

Nick is a Supervisor at B&T Advisory and has a background in Business Services, Restructure, and Insolvency. Prior to joining B&T Advisory he was at a national firm which engaged in Insolvency appointments from small and medium-sized enterprises to national companies in various industries.

Nick has experience in all types of external administrations, however he has a passion for Voluntary Administration’s, as it facilitates the opportunity for the Company to be restructured and the prospect of the business to trade profitably going forward, and the ability to work with many stakeholders throughout the process. Nick has previously been part of Voluntary Administration’s whereby business’s have been able to trade profitable into the future following a formal restructure.

Nick completed his bachelor’s degree with the Queensland University of Technology in Professional Accounting. Nick has also completed Post Graduate studies with the University of Technology Sydney in Insolvency Law and Accounting (ARITA Advanced Certificate). Nick is also a Justice of the Peace (Qualified).

Michelle Daniel

Michelle is B&T Advisory’s Office and Administration Manager and has been with the company since January 2019. Michelle’s background spans 19 years’ experience as a HR Professional in both the UK and Australia and she has worked in various industries such as Automotive and Food Manufacturing, Communications Services, Energy Management, Childcare and Financial Services.

Michelle’s expertise is her ability to adapt to changing environments and work at the highest level with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders.